, since 1981, designs, builds and installs plants and machinery for:

  • scrap treatment with magnetic separation for steelworks

  • loading, ensiling, dosing and conveying of bulk and raw materials

  • lime charging into EAF: patented system

  • ensiling, storage and discharge of dust from fumes treatment

  • storage, dosage, pneumatic transport and insufflation of lime, coal, etc;

Cataloghi, brevetti e referenze

Plants for
C1-imp additivi

Storage silos for
powders and granules
C4-sili stoccaggio polveri e granuli

Closed belt conveyors
and redlers
C5-Nastri chiusi e redler 20130930-da Tarzia-Binder1-18ott13

Conveyors’ cleaners in line
and with elevation
C6-pulitori lineari ed elevatori EN-IT


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