Linear cleaners

Benefits with installation of cleaners on conveyor belts:

  • Adaptability to any type of conveyor belt
  • Wear resistance with prolonged use
  • Drastic reduction of material losses
  • Easy assembly even as a retrofit
  • Reduced dimensions and integration with the conveyor
  • Reduction of cleaning and maintenance costs

Cleanliness, safety, health.

A cleaner, safer, healthier working environment. Reduction of costs and time for cleaning and maintenance of conveyors, with increased productivity.

The chain cleaners consist of scraping elements, clamping plates, dragging and tensioning systems.
The chain cleaners adapt perfectly to any type of flat or slightly inclined conveyor belt. The linear cleaners are mounted at the company directly on the conveyor belt, or are supplied disassembled for self-assembly.
They are made of materials with high abrasion resistance..
cleaners can be customized, for specific applications and needs..


  • They can be installed under existing conveyor belts
  • They have independent drive, with inverter on request
  • They are integrated in the conveyor casing
  • They provide total recovery of dust and granules falls
  • They are for industrial use on abrasive materials

Sectors of application

  • Steelworks and foundries
  • Cement and lime factories kiln
  • Concrete batching plants and Prefabricators
  • Solid waste treatment
  • Collection and treatment of glass and plastic
  • Food and animal feed factories